At Dark Horse Graphics, we do all sorts of things from album covers, posters, promo materials, book illustrations,
artistic web sites.

We like to work with you, from your concept and ideas so the final project is as close as possible to fulfilling
your vision and beyond. We like to explore with photography, scanning, drawing, go crazy, go gentle, whatever
seems to be what's needed for the project.

We're not uppity or complicated or corporate or too cool, we just work hard and honestly and we sprinkle the
love on your project and so far, the clients come back for more.

If you'd like to work with Danielle at Dark Horse Graphics don't hesitate to contact us, please email

Here is a partial portfolio of graphics works done for various clients so you can see what we do.

CD Projects :

Aventurière Accidentelle,
this project was nominated for best album design at the
Western Canadian Music Awards.

Danny Mack, Galaxy Cabaret

Kyle Stein, Highway 9

Supertonic, Souls of the Wonderful

scans : Danielle Hébert

Supertonic, Another Day

Danielle Hébert, The Alien Suite

Katrina Bishop, Runaway Lane

Lana Rae, multiple projects,
all illustrations Danielle Hébert

illustration : Danielle Hébert

Billy Andrusco, various projects

Photo: Danielle Hébert

Photo Danielle Hébert

François Houle Aerials

photos Mark Mushet

Sweet Presence, Standing True

Blair Hebert, Know

photo Danielle Hébert