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This is a photo journal of the creation of Narcisse, this will give you an idea of how a rough stone becomes a finished piece.

I use hammer, chisels, files and sand paper to create the pieces, I do not use power tools.

I owe my knowledge to sculptor Alberto Replanski with whom I studied at his Steveston, BC studio.

Here is the rough stone on the first day at the studio.

if you look closely you can see the way some of the final lines are already suggested in the stone.

The main lines of the stone are an integral part of the design and are going to be respected.
The first step is to take out all unnecessary material with a pointe and hammer, then one uses a large toothed chisel to define more and more the shapes.

It quickly becomes important to be very precise with the tools as the stone will bruise if hit too hard on a surface one wants to preserve, the chisels get finer and we move on to files.
We can now see the face shaping up to look like a horse.

We can also see a lot of pencil marks on the stone.

These are to keep the dimensions and proportions balanced and the master lines defined at all times.

One of the most important tools for me are the pencil and ruler!

September 9 .

Gradually we are getting closer and closer to the final piece.

The neck is shaped, the face is set.

I will now have to open the space between the jaw and the neck.
October 9.

The opening of the neck has been accomplished.

I now have to refine the front part of the mane, the nostrils and go on sanding and polishing until the piece is done.
Here we finally are! We mounted the piece on it's base in June 2004.