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MAY 2013
San Dimas Klatch
send of party
May 03 
7 to 9 PM

APRIL 2013
Piano Bar in  Hollywood
April 25th 8PM

San Dimas Klatch
April 26th
7 to 9 PM

MARCH 2013
San Dimas Coffee Klatch
March 8 & 15
7 to 9 PM


February 08
Klatch Coffee
With Forrest Robinson
806, W Arrow Highway
 in San Dimas

February 09 
Butler's Coffee in Palmdale
With Forrest Robinson

February 22
Solo at the Cofffee Klatch
806 West Arrow Highway
San Dimas



January 07
The Piano Bar, Hollywood

January 11
San Dimas Klatch 7 to 9 PM

January 25
San Dimas Klatch 7 to 9 PM

December 14, Coffee Klatch San Dimas


November 24th
Butler's Coffee in Palmdale

November 9th
Coffee Klatch San Dimas
7 to 9 PM
Forrest Robinson and Danielle Hebert
door is free

October 27th
Rancho Cucamonga Klatch
5:30 to 6 PM

October 6th 
Coffee Klatch San Dimas
With Forrest Robinson
7 to 9 PM



KSCO 1080 AM
2300 Portola Dr
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
On Air @ 6:15pm and they do stream live!
Host: Charley Freedman


KKUP 91.5 FM
1445 Koll Circle
Suite 102
San Jose, CA 95112
Host: David Stafford
On Air @ 4:00pm and they stream live!

Cafe Cuesta
8865 La Honda Road
La Honda, CA 94020


Neto's  Santa Clara
1313 Franklin Street
Santa Clara, CA 95050
(Doors at 8:00) show 8:45pm  $10 cover


KPIG 107.5 FM
10 AM
1110 Main Street
Suite #16
Watsonville, CA 95076
Host: John Sandidge


The Ugly Mug
4640 Soquel Drive
Soquel, CA 95073
5:00-7:00pm  $5 cover


Freight and Salvage open mic


Apple Jack
details to come


July 2012
Manitoba Shows dates 

1. 14 July - Lucien Boisvert: La Grange, Laurier, MB

2. 20 July - Danielle Burke:
Winnipeg MB
3. 21 July - Serge Carrière: 
St Laurent, Manitoba

4. 26 July- Claudette et Michel McDonald
St Norbert, Manitoba

June 2012

June 6 to 17
Meditation retreat

May 18 2012
CKCU Ottawa live radio show
with Ashley Crnic and Samantha Mouchet

April 15
Audition for Petite Vallee
Radio Canada Montreal

CMW, March 24th
I will be attending the songwriters Summit.

Saturday February 18

Ottawa's WINTERLUDE Festival
Confederation Park in the Bubble!
Showtime: 7:30 PM until 8 PM
come and enjoy the festival!

Sunday February 12th

Les Brasseurs de Tounes
it's a beautiful venue with excellent food and their very own brews. I'll play a short set
the evening goes from 8:30 until late

Saturday February 11th
Le Ptit Bar
Anique Granger is performing she said she'll invite me up for a couple of tunes

Sunday February 5th

at the Brass Monkey
250 Greenbank St Ottawa
Doors : 1 PM
Showtime 2PM along with Ashley Crnic and Samantha Mouchet

October 2011
Saturday October 15 Between 2PM and 6 PM

I will go play at Irene's Pub
for an open stage
885 Bank Street, Ottawa
around 3PM

Sunday October 16 starting at 7 PM
Open microphone : Les Brasseurs de tounes that takes place at
Brasseurs du temps, 170 Montcalm, Hull on October 16th

February 19

Coffee Klatch

Foothill Blvd

Rancho Cucamonga

Danielle & Forrest Robinson

February 12

Coffee Klatch

San Dimas

Danielle with Forrest Robinson

door by donations

7pm to 9pm

January 23 2011

Coffee Klatch

Foothill Blvd

Rancho Cucamonga

Danielle & Forrest Robinson

Januray 21 2011

Taylormade Racing

impromptu party

#5, 7712, Gloria Av

Van Nuys, CA

Starts at 8 PM

Please RSVP

January 07 2011

Coffee Klatch

San Dimas

Danielle with Forrest Robinson

door by donations

7pm to 9pm

April 2010

April 11th to 23rd

Leoffenders records in Montreal with Mathieu Danduran and will play some shows TBA

March 2010

March 17th to April 7th

Recording new solo project in Nashville

February 2010

Sunday Feb 28th

Village de la Francophonie,

Granville Island

Closing show

8 to 10PM

Friday Feb 26th

SingerSongwriters night

Village de la Francophonie,

Granville Island

6 to 8 PM

Saturday Feb 20th

Wired Bean Café

With Anique Granger from Montréal

102 -200 West Esplanade

North Vancouver,B.C

Thursday Feb 8th

Village de la Francophonie

Granville Island

Opening for Vishten

8PM to 8:20 PM

Friday Feb 12th

Experience BC Pavillon

Robson Square, Vancouver

1 PM to 1:30 PM

Dec 31 to January 11

Danielle goes to Nashville

to record new music!


December 6 to 12

Danielle goes to Ottawa for music Jury Duty for the CAC

Saturday December 5

Danielle plays the Wired Bean Cafe

with Leoffenders

102 -200 West Esplanade

North Vancouver,B.C

Friday Dec 4

Danielle plays classic French songs with HHL: Houle, Hebert, Lachance for the CBC food bank benefit


CBC building

700 Hamilton Street


Tuesday Dec 1

Melodies in Mind radio show

Danielle performs live as a solo artist onthe Melodies in Mind show hosted by Ryan Fletcher at 90.1 FM CJSF show starts at 9pm

Saturday November 7

Danielle solo, plays the Wired Bean Showcase

102 -200 West Esplanade North Vancouver,B.C.

Showtime : 8PM

For those that donxt want to drive,it is just a quick seabus across and a one block walk up from the seabus!! We are right beneath the Theater!!

Phone 604-904-1319

Tuesday November 3

Danielle performs at the Just Singing 'Round showcase at the Vancouver Rowing Club

Stanley Park, Vancouver

Doors 6pm, dinner 6:30 showtime 7:30


Tuesday October 20th

opening of the play 'le Périmètre' Danielle wrote the music for it.

Saturday October 3

Maillardville 100 years celebration concert at the Red Robinson Theatre

September 18 09

interview at Radio Canada, a round table looking at women in art in BC, 4pm

August 4 09

Live performance on the radio with Leoffenders at CJSF on the Melodies in mind show.

July 9 09

Live interview and performance with Leoffenders at the French connection show with Marie Eve Dumoulon

July First

Canada Day Celebrations with Leoffenders at Canada Place in Vancouver

2June 24 09

Leoffenders plays la St Jean Baptiste

in Whislter BC

June first 2009:

Leoffenders at the Beaumont's

Vancouver City Limits showcase

The Beaumont

316 West 5th Avenue

Vancouver, BC V5Y 1J5


Friday May 8 2009

"Mothers Day Around The World"

on Friday May 8th, 2009 @

The Italian Cultural Centre


Friday May 22 2009

Trees Organic Coffee House,

450 Granville St.

8 pm

with John Pippus

May 31 2009

Fundraiser for the

Stephen Lewis Foundation

Oasis Pub at the corner of

Thurlow & Davie

4:30 pm to 7 pm

internet link

to the French page

April First 2013
Hi everyone,

I hope you are all doing well! For my part, I have not been idle. If you remember I was mentioning my plans to go to Turkey. This is getting closer and closer to becoming reality: Istanbul bound for a musical journey of discovery


I am so excited about this... As I told you, I am planning to go to Istanbul to study the saz and Turkish music for 6 months. Along with the study, I plan to make journeys to the Black Sea, Anatolia, the South Coast in the search of history, stories, music, musicians. I will then take all those experiences and all the learning to develop new compositions, new songs, music, art...


I will keep you all updated via my blog so you all can follow me via the blog starting in late May.



After a lot of preparation my crowdfunding project is launched. I had mentioned RocketHub a while back in this Newsletter. RocketHub is a website like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, that helps people put together funding for all sorts of projects, from high tech to arts to humanitarian causes. On there is a video that describes the whole project. Along with the video you will find a detailed project description, a budget, an artist bio, an MP3 of my first composition on the saz and in written Turkish, and for you very specifically : The list of rewards for your donations.


The donations will be used to pay for the flight to Europe, accommodations, food, saz lessons, workshops, classes and the trips within Turkey.



Here is where I ask for your help, to support my project. Help me get the funds necessary to allow me to study in Turkey for 6 months. All you have to do is to follow this link and make a donation.


The target is 12 thousand dollars, this is the budget required to achieve this dream. Yeah, the amount is not small but it`s more than possible. If 160 people contribute $75, the goal is reached. To reach it, I must join as many people as possible.


In return for your donations are Rewards! Among those, drum roll please, is the new album Beat It To Pieces, yes, the one we've been waiting for for so long. It will be made available in high resolution download form. This allows you to be one of the very first people to hear it and own it.


Other rewards are:

All my albums, there are 4 of them, that includes my very first one, which has not been available for years, all available in download form. They are offered in different configurations for different rates, 1, 2, 3 or the 4 of them.


Get your name affixed on the bike tank for $75. Your name put on the tank and fairings on the bike I will use in Europe, it is a way to be very closely part of the journey!


I am offering some very unique artwork of mine. Sculptures of stone and clay. Images are up on RocketHub


I would have liked to offer house concerts, workshops and that kind of things, but since I am not sure where I will land after this trip is done it makes that sort of thing difficult to organize, but if you have ideas along those lines that are doable between now and mid May let me know.



They say the success of a crowdfunding effort depends on catalysts who disseminate in their circles and help the project take wings of its own. So that means that if you are interested you can help make this project really take off by getting involved beyond a donation. If you think this is worthy of support, contact your circles of family,friends through blogs, Facebook, forums share and disseminate the video for the project with them. Get the word out, start a buzz in your circles, make it a game and get them to do the same.


The countdown has started: 6 weeks to flying overseas!



Because of all the travel that will take place in my immediate future I decided against manufacturing a physical CD. It will be available for download in high quality lossless files, so as good if not better than CD.


Through April It will be available exclusively via the RocketHub fundraising project to help me get to Turkey. Then in mid-June it will be available to all on BandCamp and CDBaby


CD Artwork

A really nice surprise happened in March. After one of the shows at the Klatch, we did our usual post show gathering at Applebee's. With us were two artists, Crystal Basica and Heather Bejar. Crystal proceeded to show use some of Heather's photography. I was so taken by the photos that I impulsively asked Heather if she would do the photos for my album cover. She agreed. A couple of weeks later the deed was done. I am VERY excited with those images. They are incredibly artful! Thank you so much Heather! So there will not be a physical CD but there will be artwork with the lyrics, special thanks, credits and song list. available to download and print if you ever are interested in that. As I said earlier, the CD will be available to RocketHub donors exclusively until the end of May, then it will be widely available on BandCamp and CDBaby.





April 20th

Orange County Turkish School in Irvine

Around 1:30 PM
Performance on saz with Forrest Robinson of Turkish songs for the

Turkish National Sovereignty and International Children's Day Celebration


April 25th

The Piano Bar, Hollywood

April 26th

time TBA


April 26th and 3rd
Coffee Klatch San Dimas
7 to 9 PM

806, West Arrow Highway
San Dimas Time TBA


Don`t be surprised to hear from me a lot through April. I really need to get this project off the ground and running. And that will mean weekly letters until the end of the project on May 8th. After that I will go back to the monthly newsletter


FEBRUARY 2014 / Danielle's News

I hope this finds you in good spirits and health! Thank you for responding to my last newsletter. I really love hearing from you!


We've had really good shows in February have been really good so far. Forrest and I played the at the San dimas Klatch on a stormy Friday night, then the next day, we headed over the “hill” to Palmdale and played at Butler's Coffee.

Coffee Klatch, San Dimas

806 West Arrow Highway
February 22nd

7PM to 9 PM



Much is cooking... Well, actually, I have an announcement to make. I am heading overseas for 9 months, to Turkey, to study the saz and Turkish music!

Yes, that is right.

Why Turkey, Turkish music or the saz? You ask... Well, when I stayed in Ottawa, I was exposed to Turkish culture. Yes, the coffee is good and the food amazing but what really got me was the music. At first my Western ears were just trying to grasp those quarter tones, polyrhythms and the harmony. So much emotion, so much expression. I felt a keen affinity, a deep connection with this music, as if its soul reached mine.


At one point I was given a saz. The saz is a Turkish type of lute. A seed was sown in my musical heart. In my mind melodies, stories, colors started to form. I was on my way to a new journey. The decision to go to Turkey formed itself gradually over the last 8 months or so. The whole picture became more and more clear and as the questions appeared, they solved themselves organically, a sure sign that things are in alignment. And so, the Aventuriere keeps on venturing.


To help make this come true I am preparing a Crowdfunding project. What is crowdfunding? Here is what Wikipedia says:

Crowd funding orcrowdfunding

Describes the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money, usually via the internet to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations. Crowd funding is used in support of a wide variety of activities, including, disaster relief, citizens, support of artists by fans, political campaigns,funding,movie or free software development, inventions development and scientific research.

In March I will have the presentation ready on RocketHub, I will let you know. There are rewards to be had for the level of donations and It will include the download of my yet to be released new album “Beat it to Pieces” Yes,the one that many have been waiting for for so long. This will be your chance to get it first! Crowdfunding is about getting people excited to be part of something. If you believe in the cause, please share my project around with your friends and your network, every little bit counts. It is so incredibly exciting. I am barely touching the ground.


On this I will say goodbye and I'll talk to you soon.... the aventure is about to begin and you can be part of it!



DANIELLE'S NEWS December 2012


Hi to all of you.

It has been a while since the last newsletter. I attempted a few times to send an email but I had major issues with the SMTP server and in the process hours of work on my mailing list and all the updates in the last 2 years were obliterated. I kind of lost the gumption then.

I am not sure when my last newsletter was sent, I believe it could have been somewhere in late 2011 so I'll have a bit of a look at the last two years.


To recap, I left Vancouver in June 2010 after selling almost everything I owned and took off on a motorcycle trip that took me for 19 thousand miles all around the USA. I landed in California in September 2010, soon after my 27 year old Suzuki GS 750 died and I was rescued by friends in San Dimas where I spent the winter.

In December 2010 a BMW motorcycle was given to me. I had wheels again!

In March 2011 I went to Nashville to finish that solo album I had started in March 2010. I finished all the vocals and guitars and the mixing, the album was pretty much a done thing except for a few edits and refining required on three songs out of the 12. While there, I got a phone call telling me that I needed to go back to Vancouver to handle some personal stuff.


I returned to California on March 30th then immediately headed up North to Vancouver on the BMW. I had plans of handling all my personal affairs within 2 weeks and then head back down south. But when it was time to cross the border I was denied entry because of a lack of solid ties to Canada (address, job, etc.)

I found myself stranded in Vancouver with the clothes on my back, a guitar and the bike. I stayed until the end of June then decided to head East towards Montreal to see my mom.

I spent the remainder of 2011 and the first half of 2012 in Ottawa.

All through 2011 I waited to get the final mixes for the album, waited and waited and they never came. Career wise it left me in a sort of black hole in a new town where I only had old albums or unfinished new material to present which made it impossible for me to get anywhere with my music career as no one would take me seriously.


In March 2012, after sending the BMW for routine maintenance I was told that the transmission needed major repairs. The cost : $3500. The mechanic said that this happened because the bike sat around for a long time. I thought that if there is one issue, more will arise and a BMW mechanic and BMW parts are very pricey. I decided to let the bike go. In the mean time, another bike appeared in my life, A Suzuki SV 650 in pristine condition. I went for it.

On June 30th I headed out of Ottawa on that Suzuki for a series of shows in Winnipeg throughout July. The shows were an absolute success.

OnAugust first, I crossed the border and headed back to California to attend a Life Celebration event for a very dear friend of mine who had passed away. I had promised myself that come hell or high water I would attend a that event on august 19th. I made it through North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Nevada and then California on the bike and was there for the celebration.



I started writing a blog about my travels when I left Vancouver in 2010. Many kept telling me that I should put the writings from blog into a book. In August I had a vision of what the book could be and I got started. I am now working on the fourth and likely final draft and so far my few test readers are giving me the thumbs up. This project has occupied the vast majority of my time since then! I hope to finish the writing by the end of 2012 year, then proceed into finding a publisher. You can see the blog, stories and photos on Wordpress.


I have been performing around a bit, we had a small tour in the Bay area in September that went really well. I play once or twice a month in local cafes, the last show was at Butler's Coffee in Palmdale.

I perform with the amazing Forrest Robinson. He is a drummer and percussionist, with me he plays the full kit with double kick or he'll downsize to a doumbeck, he also sings harmonies, (and he si SO damn musical!) I play the guitar, and sing. My gear is minimal since I travel on the bike: One pedal (the Akai Headrush, a looper-delay pedal) two patch cords and the travel guitar. I do miss the electric guitar and the full array of effects sometimes but what I have gained with this duo is an incredible flexibility complicity and freedom in playing the music.

If you want to get an idea of what we sound like, here is a link to a Youtube video of us at the Freight and Salvage in Berklee



With Forrest Robinson

When : January 7th

From 9PM to 10 PM

Where : The Piano Bar Hollywood

6429 Selma Avenue, Los Angeles

When : January 11th and 25th

From 7PM to 9 PM

Where: San Dimas Coffee Klatch

806 West Arrow Highway, San Dimas

What time: 7PM to 9PM



Well the “new” album is getting ready to manufacture. I have received the masters in late September and I have a good idea of what to do for the album cover.

It will be called Beat It To Pieces. It rocks hard. I sing all the vocals, play all the guitars and wrote all the songs. In my own opinion, this it is the most concise, focused CD I have put together to date. With me are 2 other musicians on bass and drums and they are outstanding. It was recorded, mixed, mastered and co-produced with Perry Barrett. You can hear two of the new songs, Criminal Girl and Fear and Desire on my website, to stream them, click on the titles set inside the little jukebox that appears on the upper left side of the page.

If you cannot access that app on my website you can do so on ReverbNation and click on the titles: Fear & Desire and Criminal Girl. You will get an idea of the sound of the album.



In order to finance the manufacturing I will do pre-sales.

I will get this process organized soon and let you know about it.


Thank you for many of you who have been there all along, your energies, support, good wishes have carried me so far. I will attempt to keep more regular communications. If you are into web based social media here is where to find me:


All the best and please, write to me if you feel like it! I love communications!

November 2012

Well there has been some good news.  I finally received the masters for the album I started working on in 2010.  Yeah, sometimes these things take time... Lots of time.   The not so good news is that I am not really in a financial position to just go ahead and manufacture CDs and release this.  As time went, my situation changed too and so life goes.  I will likely try to see if there can be enough pre-sales to manufacture copies and get those out to the people who want it.  

There are two shows so far in November, the San Dimas Klatch on the 9th and Butler's Coffee on the 24th.  

Other than that I have been hard at work on a book that tells the story from my travel blog since 2010.  Many kept asking for me to do this and the inspiration came and it is shaping up nicely.  


Concerts and radio shows in the Bay Area! 
Thanks to the relentless efforts of a fellow Go Guitar player Seraphim Zupan, I have three radio shows and 4 performances in the Bay area this coming week
KSCO 1080 AM
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
On Air @ 6:15pm and they do stream live!
Host: Charley Freedman
KKUP 91.5 FM
San Jose, CA 95112
Host: David Stafford
On Air @ 4:00pm and they stream live!
Cafe Cuesta
8865 La Honda Road
La Honda, CA 94020
Neto's  Santa Clara
1313 Franklin Street
Santa Clara, CA 95050
(Doors at 8:00) show 8:45pm  $10 cover 
KPIG 107.5 FM
10 AM
1110 Main Street
Suite #16
Watsonville, CA 95076
Host: John Sandidge
The Ugly Mug
4640 Soquel Drive
Soquel, CA 95073
5:00-7:00pm  $5 cover
Freight and Salvage open mic

Hi from the road, 

I am in California right now for a little while, I have performances and radio appearances in the San Francisco area in late September and a Uviddy appearance on September 20, this is in LA.  All the details to come soon.  

It was a wonderful trip from Winnipeg to Southern California on the motorcycle by way of North Dakota, Montana, Idaho and then California.  The bike performed beautifully and I was able to camp under the moon and I really enjoyed the road. 

Regarding the album, it's still up in the air, but I am looking at doing an internet release in the next couple of months.  

July 2012
Mini tour in Manitoba
Newspaper article that appeared on July 19th in the `La Liberté' newspaper from Winnipeg (in French) 
click here
For July I will travel from Ottawa to Winnipeg for 5 shows, 4 of them House Concerts presented by Chemins de chez nous and produced by Nicole Bremault,Danielle Hebert on a mini tour of Manitoba, here is the press release : 
Danielle Hebert, her Go guitar and her motorcycle are now in
Manitoba for 5 house concerts organized by “Chemins de chez nous/ Home Routes” under the artistic direction of Nicole Bremault.
Danielle will be accompanied by the immensely capable Davidian Chorley on flute, saxophone and keyboards. She will sing the songs from the album Aventurière Accidentelle which, after travelling over 50 thousand kilometres crossing the North American continent 3 times since June 2010 on a solo motorcycle odyssey, have taken a
sort of mystical dimension for the artist who wrote them before ever hitting the road.
The house concerts are intimate shows that take place in the private homes of music lovers. There is always magic as the artists are as close as can be from their audience and a true exchange takes place between the musician and the listener.
Comme feel the winds of the road, the spirit of adventure at one of the concerts. For more information and to reserve a seat
 please contact the presenters by phone or email.
1. 14 July - Lucien Boisvert: 204-791-0180; Lucien Boisvert
La Grange Manitoba
2. 20 July - Danielle Burke: 204-510-0929: Danielle Burke
Nadia Gaudet: 233-5508; Nadia Gaudet
Winnipeg, Manitoba
3. 21 July - Serge Carrière: 204-886-7894;
St Laurent, Manitoba
4. 26 July- Claudette et Michel McDonald: 204-269-8811;
St Norbert, Manitoba

May 21 2012

Hi to you all, all traces of winter have finally gone, even last week with the single digit temperatures I could still fell the hands of winter holding on to us. But now I sit here with a fan blowing to keep me cool.
On May 18th I played at CKCU, Carleton University's radio station with Ashely Crnic and Samantha Mouchet on the show called Ottawa Live and it was really great. You can hear the show by following this link

Last we talked I was heading to the Canadian Music Week where I got quite a bit of useful information for the new music industry model. There were masses of young new artists, hungry and willing to go the distance, people looking for a golden key, old industry insiders hanging on to their thrones. I think the best workshop was the presentation from Jeff Price from Tunecore and his mini book called "Music industry survival manual" where I could finally find in one little hot package all the rights pertaining to a songwriters works, how they are managed and where the royalties come from (or don't come from). There is also an overview of the present state of the music industry and how to navigate it which I found really enligthening.

Other than that I had a big audition at Radio Canada Montreal for the Festival Petite Vallee, which would allow me 10 days of music writing, workshops, performances in Gaspesie but that was not to be. I had a fairly good audition but failed to convey to both judges the essence of what I do. One was totally positive the other one had questions and asked me to come and play after the audition was done. They were were very nice and all but I didn't cut it.

In the background I've still been trying to get that album finished and it looks like the mixing is, as of today, actually done. Now the hard part comes with having to negotiate an agreement. Yeah, there was no agreement on the table as we were working on it. So that is the next step. Then if this works we'll be another step closer to having a CD to release.

March 22 2012

Hi everyone. It is under a burning sun that brought the temperatures up in the high twenties that I write to you. The fan on the desk blows fresh air on my face as I type, just like summer and we did not even see spring go by.

I am getting ready to go the the Canadian Music Week in Toronto. I will be part of the Songwriters Summit that includes a load of great, relevant conferences. I am hoping to be inspired and ignited by the event.

Last month's highlight was playing at the Winterlude Festival. Great venue, sound, tech and some brave souls who came and watched me play inside the bubble. Cool stuff!

On the album front, the good news is that the engineer is finally working on the project. I can't promise a release date but I'm hoping it will be this year! I'll keep you posted!

Danielle Hebert receives song writing honor!
Danielle had submitted her song Criminal Girl to the Song Of The Year songwriting contest in the fall of 2011. The song ende up being graded in the top 5% over 23 000 submissions, earning a Suggested artist placement and a special page on the Song of the Year website :
http:// daniellehebert.htm

February 8th 2012

Hi everyone, I hope this finds you well and in good spirits. Here we are for another round of news. I've let a few months slip, there has been a lot going on like moving in mid December (not too far though, only 2 blocks down the road) Yes, I am still in Ottawa.

I got to see Winter first hand this year. First 'real' winter in 23 years and I have to admit that I am totally in awe in front of the resilience of Eastern Canadians. For my part... not so resilient and contrary to the Canadian Tire TV commercial... I WILL postpone an event if it's too cold out there... (the ad says : “no self respecting Canadian would postpone an activity because it's too cold out there”)

In the mean time I finally got a recording set up ready, nothing fancy but enough for voice and guitars and last week I recorded a voice demo for a possible job so that is a big plus.

If you are waiting for the album... I still have no idea when it will be ready for you. It is out of my hands. Cross your fingers...

But I have not been idle. I spent a lot of time re-building this website, cleaning it up and thinking it out. There is still quite a bit to do but it has a renewed face, some neat widgets that give access to streaming music seamlessly and watching videos. There are professionally shot videos as well as live performance videos in California and for those who love motorcycles, the video Aventuriere Accidentelle was shot last summer in Stanley Park with shots of me riding around with Beowulf (my K75S) around the park. I love how natural this clip is! Thanks Pierre!!!

Locally, I just played a very neat show at the Brass Monkey in Ottawa. Through trying to make contact in town here, I had managed to get a showcase booked at the Live Lounge with two other songwriters. That showcase disappeared when the venue died. But one of the girls contacted the other two, we met, discussed and agreed to make that show happen no matter what. So we searched, prodded, asked around and finally we got a replacement date on the 5th at the Brass Monkey.

The other two are : Ashley Crninc and Samantha Mouchet, you can find both online by adding .com to their names. It was a very sweet afternoon, we played in the round, accompanying each other on some songs. We plan on doing this again. It was really positive and there is music for all tastes as the three of us play very unique styles.

Up coming performances:

Saturday February 11th
Le Ptit Bar

Anique Granger is performing she said she'll invite me up for a couple of tunes

Sunday February 12th
Les Brasseurs de Tounes
it's a beautiful venue with excellent food and their very own brews. I'll play a short set
the evening goes from 8:30 until late

Winterlude Festival in Ottawa

February 18th at 7:30

Confederation Park Downtown Ottawa

I will play in a bubble! I'm really looking forward to that! I'll play a half hour set.

If you want to share some music there is a very neat new thing called So far I've put one song on there : Aventuriere Accidentelle the link is :

My plans for the upcoming months are to try and get my show Aventuriere Accidentelle booked into French communities across the country and try to make it to Vancouver for the summer. I am hoping for a solo tour on the motorcycle. Go from city to city, stay a few days, perform and make my way to Vancouver where I have some activities planned.

The show would be me solo on voice, guitar, percussion and flute

this album is a story, so I would be story telling with song along with projections of images describing the story, setting the mood along with a sparse narration so I don't have to talk too much! In larger cities and where the budget would allow, I could hire musicians to round up the show, I know people in most major cities across Western Canada, this would be so fabulous!

On a technical note, I need to find out about how to put my images together to be projected and find a projector or a system that can be carried on the bike … ie : minimalist! If some of you are knowledgeable in the audi-visual field I would be grateful for any tips.

It would feel good to actually perform that music, I only managed to play 3 concerts when the disc was released, I was supposed to go tour in Europe for the summer at the time and the tour fell apart about a month before I was supposed to leave and things just died out.

All the best to you my friends please let me know how you are, what you are doing and all that stuff.

October 2011 Newsletter

A few months have gone by since the last newsletter and many plans once again were foiled. I must say, there seem to be a reoccurring theme of foiled plans since April, as if no plans can actually be had... The main event was that I was denied entry in the US again and my target of going back down to Nashville and finish the new album could not be attained.

It's been challenging at times. The money kind of ran out and my options were to either stay here in Ottawa or turn around and ride west back to Vancouver. I decided to stay here and see what could be done. A new place with new horizons, that seemed to be the best choice.

Right now the goal is to try to get some things going in terms of playing shows and getting to meet and connect with the people and the musical scene, so these days I'm doing open microphones...

Saturday October 15 Between 2PM and 6 PM

I will go play at Irene's Pub

885 Bank Street, Ottawa

Sunday October 16 starting at 7 PM

Open microphone : Les Brasseurs de tounes that takes place at

Brasseurs du temps, 170 Montcalm, Hull on October 16th

If you know people, venues, if you have ideas as to what and who and how I can get things rolling around here let me know, all your ideas, suggestions are welcome!

You can always find me online at :

On Facebook at Danielle Hebert Music

July 11 2011 Newsletter
Hi everyone,

 I am sitting in a cafe in Ottawa.  I arrived here last Tuesday will be here for another week. But before I get into this I must rewind a bit.  I had decided to stay in Vancouver until June 24th on which day I was to shoot a TV show for Radio Canada.  

The first order of the day was to find a place to stay for those last three weeks or so. I had been asking  if anyone knew of a place where I could stay.  It was Patricia who offered me hospitality.  Patricia is a beautiful Irish soul, I had met her first at a neighbor's party, then she had showed up at a garage sale.  She opened her door and her heart to me.  I will always remember that first night when she showed me the way around the house and offered me this red bathrobe, a hot bath and a beer!   I had been couch surfing for a while so this was like pure heaven. 


I spent June working here and there doing small jobs,  booking sets at local cafes and trying to book shows for my trip across the country. That tour idea was not successful as it was so late in the season, most venues are fully booked up for the summer.  I decided not to worry about it and let life work it's magic.

I had some shows in Vancouver, nothing too big or fancy.  One of them was on the infamous riot night in Vancouver after game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.  I was right downtown, on Georgia Street minutes before that madness erupted.  I thankfully decided to leave in the middle of the third period when it was clear that the Canucks were not going to win to get to Granville Island's Backstage Lounge where my show was to take place.   It was only a few minutes after arriving to Granville Island that I could see the smoke rising from downtown and images of chaos, destruction and mass madness on the venue's wide screens.  Totally surreal. 


On the 22nd of June it was day one of the shoot for the TV show called “Bien au show”. ,We rolled around Stanley Park, them in a minivan, me on the bike, either solo or with the show host.  It was a blast.  Then on the 24th we shot the actual segment for the show; interview and song.  The show host is Lyne Barnabe and the producer Pierre Beaudoin.  It consists of segments about different people, places and events taking place around Vancouver.  There was a 60% chance of rain but we managed to have the most perfect of days with bright sunshine.  Everyone was really happy with the end product.  I had an amazing day.  

I left Vancouver a couple of days later.  The bike well packed up, the tank filled and the main directive was : Go East.


I was very much looking forward to it.  It's always hard to leave friends but I felt in my heart that it was time to be in motion again.  I made it to Winnipeg in three days of intense riding.  I started having some mechanical issues in Saskatchewan.  At idle the bike was sounding like a bad lawnmower but at speed it seemed OK.   I thought maybe the plugs were fouled.  I decided to try to make it to Winnipeg as there was more chances of finding a BMW mechanic than in the middle of Saskatchewan.   I arrived in Winnipeg in time to catch the Canada Day celebrations, fireworks and all.  I had the bike looked at and was told I could countinue on to Montreal without damaging the engine so I did. 

Two days later I was in Ottawa.  The bike was getting worse and worse.  I found a good garage and Beowulf (my bike's name) is now getting some well deserved love.  I should get it back by the end of this week.  In the mean time I am having an awesome time here with friends.  

The next steps are to get to Montreal to see family and friends, then I will head to Nashville and put the final touches on the album. 


So, there we are, July.  The year races by but when I think back, it's been pretty amazing so far. 

the blog with all the details :   

May 2011 Newsletter
Hi everyone,

It wasn't quite the plan but I am still in Vancouver. I had left for Nashville in early March, then had to come in emergency to Vancouver to take care of some personal stuff and to perform a couple of shows.  There was a few road blocks, many of my plans were foiled one after another as if the Gods had a different agenda for me than what I had in mind. 

But I must say the Show on April 13th was a joy. I had the pleasure of having on stage with me Elliot Polsky on drums, Gordon Grdina on guitar and Tommy Babin on bass. These musicians are superlative and we launched into the music with great abandon.  I had a number of interviews and radio shows as well and it really was great to see some of the familiar faces here in Vancouver after so long.

I also performed at the Vancouver City Limits showcase at the Beaumont on the 16th. That was a great evening. We had 8 songwriters coming on stage in groups of four, each of them presenting their unique musical universes. For that show I plugged the Go guitar directly in the board, that was the first time. No amplifier or pedals. The little guitar that can sounded beautiful and stood it's ground against all the full size instruments on stage.


That guitar has been proving itself on the road, tied on the back of the motorcycle, shaken, hot, cold and all that you can expect in terms of weather conditions. Every time, every performance it tunes right up and is up to the task. I could not be happier with it.  If you ever need a travel guitar that can also be used to perform go check it :


We are now at the end of May and the plan for the next couple of months are getting more and more tangible. I am pleased to announce that I will be participating in an episode of a summer variety show that will appear on Radio Canada (French CBC) The shoot will take place on June 24 in Stanley Park. I will be doing an interview and performing live. I am really looking forward to that. I will let you know all the details when I get them.

I will be attempting to play as many venues, open mics as possible in Vancouver throughout June.  A kind of marathon of local stages if you will.   I also plan to hop over to Vancouver Island probably somewhere around mid June.

To help the financial side of things I have been doing all sorts of pick up work to help financially, one of the gigs is working with a balloon company called Inflated ideas. I did some voice sessions and other small jobs. If you are in Vancouver and need help with anything during June, let me know. I learn fast and I am willing and able to help be it with voice work, translations, production, balloons, gardening or whatever is needed.  Yes I can!

I am also at this point looking for a place to crash for the month of June. If you know anyone with a room, a space... I am low maintenance.


For July, I intend to take the road heading East, towards Montreal to go see my mom and play music. So right now I am trying to find any bookings and stages to play between Vancouver and Montreal.


Album news : well, we're just about done. The whole month of March was about mixing which we did. The songs sound huge and I am especially proud of my guitar work, I pushed the boundaries of what I thought I could do and it worked for me. We are now reviewing everything, I am adding some harmonies here and there to ad a little shine and an unexpected surprise might be the appearance of one or two “guitar Gods” on a couple of songs. It's in the works now. If that happens it will be a thrill of a lifetime... I'll keep you posted.


In view of my delays here, it's now a fact that the album won't come out this summer.  I should never try to predict that... But if we get these guest appearances it will be well worth the wait.


As always you can follow me on or on

all my love.Newsletter January 2011

Silence is broken.

Yes, these pages have been neglected. I had no access to either software or computer...

Incredible to imagine that almost a year has gone by since I updated this site. Here is a broad view of what took place. In May 2010 I sold everything I owned except for a couple guitars and my art tools and stones. I loaded up my Suzuki with a sleeping bag, some tools and chain lube, trail mix freshly made and took off. There was to be no plan except "Go South". I traveled over the whole continent logging 16 000 miles on my 27 year old Suzuki GS 750 ES. It was an Odyssey, but I did not meet cyclops or the like, instead I was faced with the incredible goodness of the people of America and the mind blowing beauty of the land.

The whole trip is documented on my blog "On the Road" at

In September I started playing music here in California. I was blessed with meeting people that were incredibly supportive of my music. Then I also met Forrest Robinson, a world class drummer and also keyboardist, composer, arranger, producer with whom I started to play. What we got was Magic. We are performing locally and it gets better all the time.

Newsletter February 2010

Wow, I am at the tail end of the Olympic marathon of shows, jobs, rehearsals and general business of this Olympic month. I played some incredible shows with Leoffenders: the Experience BC Stage, LiveCity Vancouver, Place de la Francophonie and at this point there is one more show on February 26th again at the Place de la Francophonie on Granville Island. One of the highlights was to sing the anthem in front of 30 thousand people for the Olympic Torch Relay in Richmond... Whoa.. such energy! I was practically out of my body!

I have to admit that the fever surrounding the Olympics conquered me and I loved seeing this town coming to life. Vancouver has never been so beautiful, so vibrant and enticing. So much going on, arts, people, sports, fervor it will be a time to remember.

I guess I have not talked about it yet but there was some amazing news for me that came on the heels of my recording sessions in Nashville in January. Out of those sessions came a recording deal. Yes, when I had decided that I was going to go and self-produce this new solo project comes hell or high water, the studio stepped in and they offered me a deal.

I return to Nashville on March 17th for a about 20 days to record these new songs. I am feeling incredibly good about it all. I have been intensively writing since November in a very focused manner. Right now I am about 2 -3 songs away from being done and it is really starting to shape up as a project.

I have already talked to photographer extraordinaire Paul Mc Dermott to do a photo shoot for the album cover, that should be fun too!

So here it is for now. Enjoy the last week of these Olympic celebrations, the sunshine (for those on the West Coast!) and talk to you soon!

Newsletter January 2010

The year started with a flight, I was somewhere in the skies between Seattle and Nashville when the new year was rung in New York, I was on my way to record tracks with Perry at his new digs, a wonderful studio on the outskirts of Nashville. I spent 12 days there and I did not even manage to see Music City as I spent my time either recording, getting ready to record, eat or sleep. the sessions were a big success. We recorded 5 songs for Leoffenders and 4 songs for an upcoming solo project of mine. I am planning to go back in March to record more of my material. Yes, it is definitely in the air.

The new music is positively rocks. Those who've known me for a long time know that there is no musical territory I am not willing to traverse and that I am no stranger to rock, and this is a return to the source and a chance to let it rip on the guitar.

For this new year I would still like to put together a compilation of some of the theatre music I have composed, that is if I can find the time later this year between shows and recording sessions.

With Leoffenders, my duo with Josee Allard, we've just been awarded a Musicaction grant to record four songs, hence the tracking in Nashville. We've also got some Olympic gigs in town.coming up with Leoffenders, see the calendar on the left for details

I am honored to be invited to sing the national anthem for the arrival of the Olympic flame in February in Richmond BC, where I live. I will sing a bilingual version. Everything still has to be confirmed by the powers in place, I cannot say much more at this point as this being an Olympic-vanoc event, they are pretty serious about what is being said or written on any media, even personal blogs .

So these days my job is mainly to compose new songs for my solo project. I've got 7 done, and have some sketches right now for at least 8 more. I've been the total night owl, as I find it the best time to write and work on music. No phones, emails, people at the door, Skype and everyone else in the neighborhood is sleeping.

In the world of sculpture, I sold a piece last week, the Sable Island Trio, it is going to a new home in California to a lady who runs a multimilion dollars facility for show horses. Couldn't ask for a better home for my work!

I wish you all a fantastic new year, with discoveries of the soul, adventures and awesome friends along the way.


December 2009

In December I will play a few shows then head to Ottawa for another surprise invitation, I was asked to be on a Canada Council for the Arts Jury and accepted, I will be there between the 6th and the 12th.

Then on December 31 I will be heading to Nashville to record some new material of mine for an upcoming new solo album.

An interesting gig will be on December 4 at the Vancouver's CBC, I will play a show with François Houle and Andre Lachance, we will perform old classic French songs from Brel, Piaf, Ferré. It is at 6pm, 700 Hamilton St in Vancouver

and on December 5th I am back at the Wired Bean this time with Leoffenders, showtime 8PM

November 2009

November was busy with the video shoot for Leoffenders for the song Demain, that was two days (Nov 4 and 13) we also had Luvia Petersen as an actor and she was amazing!

I played the Wired Bean in North Van and totally enjoyed myself, it is one of the rare venues where people actually come to listen, it was a true gift!

We also had two suprise and very welcome shows as part of Coup de Coeur 2009, a major coast to coast francophone festival. We played two Vancouver schools to thundering applause and screams!

Still riding the motorcycle, it's getting really cold but I just love it!

October 2009

I did not see much of October as I was writing the music for the play Le Perimètre. It is always a really engrossing task that I just adore. The play was really well received and so was the music. I also found time to get my first tattoo, I just love it, a horse... it figures!

And not not forget, I was a performer on the hundredth anniversary of Maillardville extravaganza show produced by Isabelle Longnus. I sang harmonies for almost all the special guests, sang one of my songs : the Friendship song (sans guitar which allowed me to really 'use' the stage!) and had a mini acting part as a nun-school teacher... getting in one of those costumes is truly a claustrophobic experience...

May 1st 2009

On May first the event : Le mai de la chanson commence aujourd'hui ( the month of may in song starts today) gets underway.

Josee and Danielle have been selected to be part of this event sponsored by Radio-Canada, ANIM, and "Operation Chanson". From May first to June 12 this event will showcase western Canada's francophone artists.

Radio Canada will prioritize the repertoire of the chosen artists, interviews will be aired and an interactive site is available. for more information visit : (sorry it's all in French!)

April 29 2009

Leoffenders (danielle's new group with Josee Allard ) just learned that they have won the Muziklip contest organized by the Radio Canada Vancouver. The contest gives the winners the chance to record a new song and shoot a music video for that same song. Amazing!

April 26 2009

Leoffenders just came back from a wonderful concert in Ottawa. The group represented BC in the BC Scene festival organized by the National Arts Center of Canada. Josée and Danielle were joined by St Pierre and drummer Elliot Polsky and keyboardist Mathieu Dion. The show was a total success. Thanks to Michel Dozois from the CNA for the invitation and the superlative accomodations, dinner and fun all around.

April 19 2009

Leoffenders shot short videos for the "Mai de la Chanson" event organized by Radio Canada Alberta. The event showcases a number of Francophone artists from Western Canada. Interviews and songs will be aired on the radio, a web site with the clips will be set up and more events are set around this celebration of music.

April 7 2009

Leoffenders is really honored to play the Just Singing' Round showcase at the Stanley Park Rowing Club in Vancouver.Thanks Yvonne!

April 4 2009

Danielle, Josee Allard and St Pierre play a concert at the Spectacles Nouvelle Scène presented by Maison de la Francophonie de Vancouver.

March 9 to 16 2009

Les rencontres qui chantent Wow... what a week...the Alliance nationale de lxindustrie musicale (ANIM) and the Festival en chanson de Petite-Vallée join forces with the Francophone Cultural Centre of Vancouver and the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad, to present Les rencontres qui chantent in Western Canada.

This project targets emerging artists starting a career in Francophone Canadian music. For a third year in a row, a group of 12 artists coming from different Canadian provinces, have been selected by ANIM and the Festival en chanson de Petite-Vallée in the Gaspé peninsula, where they participated in a creative residency in June 2008.

Two artists from British Columbia will take part of the selection. Beginning on March 7th 2009 the group will travel to Vancouver to receive artistic mentorship with professionnal as Marc Chabot for writing, Marc Pérusse for musical arrangement and Isabelle Longnus for stage presence. that work will culminate in a show that will be presented on Sunday, March, 15 at the Shadbolt Centre For the arts in Burnaby at 7:30pm. Marc Pérusse is the musical director and Isabelle Longnus is the executive director of this show. It will be broadcast on the francophone stations of Radio-Canada throughout the country at a date that remains to be determined..Les artistes présents :Josée Allard (Colombie-Britannique), Nadia Gaudet (Manitoba), Charles Henderson (Québec), Danielle Hébert (Colombie-Britannique), Queen KA (Québec), Christian «Kit» Goguen (Nouveau-Brunswick), Joey Mallat, CONNU ? (Québec) Andréa McIntosh (Ontario), Mireille Moquin (Alberta), Benoit Morier (Manitoba) Simon Poirier (Québec), Sarah Toussaint-Léveillé (Québec), Hélène Godin (Nouveau-Brunswick), Jérémie Gosselin (Manitoba)

March 4 2009

Première of the play Lentement La Beauté produced by the théâtre la Seizième in Vancouver in co-production with the Edmonton Francophone theatre. Danielle composed the music for the play and the show and the music were a huge success.

February 20th 2009

Leoffenders plays its first official vancouver show at the El Barrio restaurant!

Décember 2008

Danielle &  Josee's Leoffenders records 5 original songs, does a photoshoot with the most awesome photographer Paul Mc Dermott, and launch the first official Leoffenders website.

Octobre 2008

Danielle & Josee play an artist showcase at the Western Canadian Music Awards in Edmonton. The showcase is received with wild enthusiasm and this is the historical moment when the girls decide to call the group Leoffenders.

April 16 2008

Danielle is going on tour!!

Yes after a few years away from touring and live performing Danielle is heading on the road with two other women for the Women In Song tour. Danielle will be sharing the stage with singer songwriters Melonai Brisdon and Josée Allard and with musicians Davidian Chorley and Jose Sanchez. The tour will span Northern BC, Vancouver Island and a final show in Vancouver. Here are the dates :

Prince George May 5th, School concert

Vanderhoof May 6, school concert

Prince Rupert may 7th School concert

Terrace May 8th Community concert

Kitimat May 9th Community concert

Prince George May 10th Community concert

Victoria May 12th School concert

Powell River May 13th, 14th

Vancouver May 23rd at the Studio 16 on West 7th

more details to come or you can go check www.myspace/


À L'Infini Communications' announces the release of the CD : J'ai Trouvé Dans Une Chanson honoring East Coast artist Ronald Bourgeois. Danielle recorded the song : 'Pour Eve' for this compilation. The release will take place May 22nd a the Musée Steward in Montreal.


March 26 2008

Danielle records a song for a compilation CD honoring East Coast francophone singer songwriter Ronald Bourgeois. Danielle wrote an arrangement and then recorded voice, guitar and back up vocals for a song titled : Pour Eve (for Eve). The compilation is produced by À L'Infini Communications' Martine Girard, produced by Patrice Boulianne (Blou) and Denis Gendron. The album will be released some time in 2008.

February 8th 2008

Danielle plays the Richmond Carnaval with Elliot Polsky, Chris Percy and Kerry Galloway. The set consisted of mostly French material from her 3 CDs.

January 30th 2008

Danielle plays a live broadcast for Radio Canada from the Hotel Vancouver. The event was celebrating 40 years of French radio broadcasting in BC. Danielle performed a Pauline Julien song : L'àme à la tendresse and her song 'l'Araignée' (the spider song)

December 2007

In 2007 Danielle re-recorded the song Zee from her CD Aventurière Accidentelle, this time with new lyrics for a compilation CD titled Dances and Dreams produced by CBC. The CD is part of a program for new mothers in BC where books and music are sent out to new moms across the province. Danielle's lyrics were inspired by her new nephew Maxime. The CD was released in late 2007 by CBC.

March 2007

the jazz CD 'Paris is for Lovers with Danielle Hébert and Phil Dwyer' was released by the label Sommerset Entertainment. Danielle sang jazz covers arranged by Phil Dwyer. The CD is available for purchase directly at Avalon Records

December 9 2006

See danielle on French TV. Saturday december 9 at 12:30 eastern time, the program is called : VIA TVA. You will have a glimpse of Danielle's multidisciplinary talent with the arts. The show was filmed in the summer of 2006 at Danielle's home.

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