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A kind of feminism, animal-connectionism,

with fish with otaries with squid horse & squid
She and the Fish She and the Otaries She and the Squid The Horse and the Squid
gray horse & squid love    
with squid 2 marion with sword hose & key
She and the squid II Marion My Archetype The Horse and the Key
with crow raven confident raven speaker worry
She and the Crow She and the Raven She and the Raven II Mother's Worry and the Spirits
crone with owl with wolf on the world
Crone Power She with the Owl She with the Wolf She and the World
warrior & bird ami dance with the fish  
  Ami's World Ami Dances with the Fish  
fez naked man swim with mosquito writer
Woman with Fez and Praying Mantis Naked old man Swimming with the mosquito the Dragon Writer
Cat World      
cat temptation      
scott cat rebecat gray night cat
Scott's Cat Rebecca's Blue Eyed Cat At Galata Tower Van Cat in the City
rastacat hungry karakoy tomcat nightcat
Rasta cat Hungry in Karakoy The Tomcat Istanbul Night Cat
feed me sishane cat on marron bw
Feed Me! şişhane Cat Cat au Marron Before color
Fantasy Themed drawings
Just because.
sun rides fulfill
  The Sun Squared The Young Hero Fulfill
war horse soldier native artist sea people
The Young King's War Horse The Soldier The Native Artist The Sea People
cat and mage elf monk lemur pirate
The Mage and the Cat The Young Sorcerer The Monk and the Squirrel The Pirate and the Lemur
unrequited love lions den promo missed connections hero
Unrequited Love Lion's Den Promo Missed Connections Unapproved Delivery Hero
Lorna J. Carleton's book serie "The Dragons of Nibiru"
Illustrations for the upcoming second tome "Dragons of Earth"
dragon book 2 dragon bk2 first cover back cover
White Dragon White Dragon Dragons of Earth Nibiru Themed Decorative Frame
skinny Brothers fat brothers bw cover The lesson
Skinny Reptilian Brothers Fat Reptilian Brothers   The Lesson
bullfight ceremony fight with soader prisoners
The Bull Fight with the Dragon The Ceremony Fight for Life Prisoners
Lorna J. Carleton's book serie "The Dragons of Nibiru"
Illustrations for the first book "The Dragons of Nibiru"
selene&fianna pursuit hemet old woman
Fianna and Celine Pursuit Hemet The Old Blind Turkish Woman
double winge dragon 1    
Double headed Red Dragon Dragon    
Copies of Leonardo Da Vinci's drawings and a horse study
1 2 3 4
Illustrations for the upcoming book Go South
bottle winds california friends joshua tree
I Lived in a Bottle The Winds of New Mexico The Clan Joshua Tree Park at Night
divide indian spirit melanie  
The Continental Divide Racing With the Native Spirits Melanie  
Original creations
skull native spirit skull1 skull
The Tatoo that Wasn't Native Spirits Skull Study Skull Study
People Power, images from the video for the song by the band: No Matter What
together rich earth tribe handshake
Together as One Capitalist Madness One People One Race Reach Out