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I have been playing, learning, creating music for a long time. I started in my teens to learn guitar then used my love of writing by creating my own songs. To this day I have recorded 5 albums, 4 of my own songs both in French and English and one of jazz standards for a commercial label.

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Revues de Presse, Biographie en Français

These days I perform in Istanbul original music and cover material in French, English and Turkish, either as a solo performer or with local musicians.
I am available as a singer, guitarist, songwriter, composer for any interesting project anywhere in the world.


50/50the alien suite

aventurierebeat it to pieces

Paris is for lovers

other projects

Here are some various recordings starting with more recent events, there are live recordings, studio recordings with people I care about and love

CARCASSONNEIn 2005 I had great hopes to go tour my brand new album Aventuriere Accidentelle, I had been in touch with a great musician, Serge Andre in Carcassonne in the south of France. The whole tour project collapsed and those dreams evaporated, until 2014 when I finally managed to stop by. We recorded a few songs with just me and my little travel guitar, I was nervous, this was the first "official" recording by myself, without my usual team with whom I made my albums. It was a liberation. It went well, Serge was awesome and so professional, I just sat there and played. Here they are, witnesses of a special moment in time. Barış Güvenneler's cello was added in Istanbul a few months later.

Une Dernière Fois


Let Be

iSTANBUL. l I have met some amazing musicians, they came from all over or they were local here are some recordings at live venues that are maybe not technically great but that hold a whole lot of life

To My Bones with Joris and Eren at Atolye Kuledibi

One of my favorite people and musicians in the whole world is Forrest Robinson, a world-class drummer living in California. We recorded some songs as I was trying to learn to play baglama this song is an original creation.

Şafak Söküyor


Between 2007 and 2009 I had a duo with Josee Allard called Leoffenders
We wrote and recorded some music together here are some of the songs


D' Espace et de Vent

Le Temps Qui Passe

Ma Tête

I also composed music for 3 plays in Vancouver here are some excerpts.

Extraits de la pièce de théâtre le Périmètre

extrait 1

extrait 2

extrait 3

extrait 4

extrait 5

Exerpts of the play Demain La Beauté

Extrait 1

Extrait 2

Extrait 3

Extrait 4

Extrait 5

I have had quite a few songs on compilations when that was a thing, one day I got a call to arrange a song for a Songwriter in the Maritimes, it was called Pour Eve here is the result. We recorded my vocals in Vancouver and the project was created in Eastern Canada.

Pour Eve 1

Zee as re-recorded at CBC Vancouver for a compilation CD