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clay and stone scultpures

The world of 3-D has always attracted me. Sculpture and horses always came together for me. I was born with a boundless passion for horses and I would represent them in every possible way; by acting, drawing and sculpting them. At age nine I started riding lessons and for the 20 following years I worked with and around horses as a coach, rider, groom and trainer. In 2010 I had a bit of an epiphany regarding the humans use of horses and decided to sublimate my love for them in the form of artwork instead of using them as tools for the ego. I went back to clay then ventured into stone sculpture with the help of master sculptor Alberto Replanski in Vancouver under whom I apprenticed for 5 years.
Nowadays after a hiatus of 7 years I am coming back to the clay and am taking commissions for original pieces.

The clay pieces are horses made of polymer clay and mounted on wood bases painted with acrylic. The prices vary with the size and quantity of materials needed to make the piece. Shipping and handling is assumed by the buyer


Piece created in Tymakov, Czech Republic, using local clay, April 2018
2 3 horse 4
Wind. Piece created during my art residency in Ile d'Oleron, France in March 2018
oleron piece oleron 1
sable Island trio sable Island duo exhilaration dash
Pieces made of Alabaster, created under the guidance of Alberto Replanski, master sculptor
Le Troyen War & Peace white alabaster Narcisse
jumping out toots History galaxies
Polybelle warhorse first pegasus
javelot cheryl's horse pegasus kissi
eden Galadriel's horse