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Writing has always been important for me. In high school I spent the typewriting class creating poetry and prose and making up stories. As an adult I have worked in the advertising industry as a translator of English commercials for radio and TV as well as things as remote as a cellphone user guide to hydraulic machines maintenance booklets. I had a dream of writing a book which I finally did in the fall of 2012. My main output over the last 7 years has been the blog “Into the Wild Wild West-East” which describes my travels across North American then into Turkey and Europe.

At the moment the book Arc is available on Amazon, it’s a small book of a series of 10 poems describing a love that came and went. The other book “And the whispers said : Go south is an ongoing project for which I wrote the first draft in 2012 then went through 7 edits, the adding of illustrations and a deep trip into page layout that is still getting refined. The blog is online with its many stories to be explored about wind, motorcycles, people and nature.

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